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to all interested in a historical view of this ancient Parish situated in the heart of 1066 country.

The Archives of Westfield

Did your ancestor reside in Westfield? Were they baptised, married or buried here? If so, this is the site to hopefully give you the answers you are searching for! From Parish Registers, Census Returns, etc we can check for information. To assist your genealogical research not only in Westfield but other Parishes in East Sussex please get in touch for further details.      

If you are interested in tracing the history of your house start here!

Are you interested in the historical development of the Parish from Roman occupation to the present day? Within our extensive collection we have information obtained from many years of lengthy indepth research.  Extracts will be shared with the ongoing development of this website which will provide some of the hidden answers to the: 

                                          HISTORY OF WESTFIELD!

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